February Photo-A-Day Challenge

My lovely friend Adrian posted this on her blog as a challenge to herself for the month of February, so I thought it was a great idea to try it myself. I’m a little bad at keeping up with my digital photography seeing as I get so wrapped up in experimental work, that forcing myself to make some new work would be a great opportunity! I’d love if anyone did this with me and linked me to their blog so I can see their photos as well!

Good luck!



Cool Cherry





This is a cute little number with some of my favorite pieces to mix and match. I got this dress last year to wear on my 21st as a throw away if it got trashed, but I couldn’t wear it because I loved it too much!
Dress: thrifted (Buffalo Exchange)
Tights: Target
Peacoat: Tilly’s
Shoes: Target
Cool button: my colleague’s art show

Woman in Black



An all black ensemble featuring a puff sleeve top from Forever 21, black jeggings from Charlotte Russe, vintage boots from Etsy and my dad’s old ring.

Sick Days

So I was really just hoping it was my allergies acting up yesterday that were causing my nose to act like a little faucet, but I guess I can’t always stay healthy all year long. I woke up this morning super stuffed up and my cough (I’ll mention it now that I have a perpetual cough due to overexposure to chemistry over the years) has gotten worse. I actually thought I was going to throw up from coughing so hard in my morning shower.

I’ve taken some medicine and now am in bed, trying to rest up as much as possible before I have to go tackle life, sick or not.

I remember being a kid and getting to stay home sick from school and curl up in a blanket on the living room sofa watching The Price Is Right and dreaming of being able to play Plinko as soon as I turned 18. Yes, I wanted to be the girl who won the showcase ON her 18th birthday. Not all dreams come true, sadly.

I also remember that as soon as TPIR was over, I’d go on my massive channel surfing expedition to find ANY daytime TV that wasn’t boring me to tears. I didn’t have cable growing up, so that left me with soap operas, daytime talk shows and news programs. Ha!

I also miss having my mom around to care for me when I’m sick. She’d go to the store and get you whatever you wanted to make you feel better. Which if I remember correctly, was ALWAYS orange juice. My family was always a little tight on money, so we didn’t get the luxury of juices in our fridge because we would always guzzle them all down in half a day. Probably because we weren’t used to having them, so we felt special when we did get them.

And now for some things I’ve found today, while I pretend to take a sick day:

I think this is a really cute idea on how to personalize your own mugs, which maybe I just want to do so I can have soup out of one for today? Oh well, I guess I’ll have to settle for a plain old bowl. Click here for the DIY.

Soup and crackers


Sailor Stripes and Combat Boots


So finally an OOTD! I’m not a total flake after all! So I’m doing some modeling for my friend Kelly today so I put on a nice pair of high waisted buttoned jeans and a striped shirt both from Forever 21. I paired them with some black combat boots which I got last year on clearance at Payless, which is funny because my work started selling a dupe of them a few months later! Ha!
My makeup I kept simple, foundation, a brown/purple smokey eye and winged liner for the pin up in me.
Jewelry wise, I’ve got my 6g tunnels and this gem of a necklace from Mod Cloth:

Oh and don’t let me forget my new nose ring! Finally got that sucker changed!
Anchors ahoy!

Laundry Day

I woke up this morning after having the strangest dream about grocery shopping and doing my laundry. Needless to say, I woke up KNOWING I HAD to do laundry today. I’m a slacker when it comes to doing laundry and it always amuses me to hear how adorable my outfits are especially when I throw them together from the few pieces I have left which are still clean.

My outfit for my first day back to school this semester was thrown together that way. A black puff sleeve top, a black knit cardigan, a vertical cream and charcoal striped skirt and purple tights (I’m going to wear this combo more often, pics to come!). Everyone raved about how adorable I looked and how I could have just walked off the set of Beetlejuice! Realistically, I had forgotten to do laundry the day before.

I think my fashion sense is a lil bit quirky and amongst my artsy friends, I fit in like the missing puzzle piece. With my other friends, it’s like WOAH.

I was at a party on Saturday night and wore a cute little sundress with white tights and a peacoat and everyone else was in jeans and a tee. I looked like Alice in Wonderland walked into a group of metalheads! Which is even funnier since I am the bassist in a metal band. Our frontman has now retitled me “The Virgin Sacrifice” unless I dress a little more hardcore for our shows. Ha! We’ll see about that one!

On a side note from my closet (I can’t take an OOTD pic while I blog naked, can I?), here’s a few things of interest and enjoyment I found surfing the interwebs this morning!

Aren’t these bedsheets amazing? Holy smokes! I came across this while going through my Tumblr dash and MAN O MAN do I wish I knew where to buy these! Maybe I’ll whip out the paints myself and make my own! How awesome would these be for the new apartment! Especially after a party where someone gets a little too wasted and passes out in my bed! That’s not mean, right?

Another random find of mine, but this gif is just incredibly lovely. Enough said.

And one for all the crazy cat ladies out there. Holla. No really. I feel you’re pain, I’m right there beside you.

And now I’m off to finish my laundry, get dressed and head to the studio. Perhaps an OOTD will appear today anyways!

For now though,

Cats, love and zombies.