March Photo A Day!

Ok, so I’ll admit early failure in February…I made it what? 5 or 6 days in…woops.

BUT I will not give in or give up! I’m going to attempt this again with a photo a day for March! Which should be super fun because of the following awesome things happening next month:

  • Click Exhibition!
  • Spring Break
  • VNV Nation
  • James is coming!!!!!!!
  • My birthday, as well as Christine’s and Dani’s! (We’re three days in a row!)

I’m gonna stop the list there because I don’t want to spoil everything!

Anyways, here’s March’s challenge, which I’ll be doing on Instagram, so follow me @meli_anne

Good luck and link me to your blogs or instagrams so I can check out your photos!



Lovely Things #4

Oh my gosh how time has flown by since I started this blog! It felt like yesterday when I last made a Lovely Things post! Yet here is Sunday night and I’m once again behind on everything!

It was a long day at work today, having to do double duty to cover a call out. I practically passed out as soon as I got home! Here’s to hoping I can sleep tonight.

1) Skull Girls by Jorge Monreal

Aside from my love of retro, I have a love for Hispanic culture. Growing up in the Southwest, surrounded by a culture so unlike my own has drawn me to the beautiful, colorful aspects of their celebrations, especially with El Dia de Los Muertos. Candy sugar skulls are so gorgeous to me, and I’ve always wanted to learn to make my own (maybe I’ll do that this year for El Dia de Los Muertos). Monreal’s paintings are stunning, combining the graceful, feminine form with the painted sugar skull designs. I think it’s a beautiful twist on this tradition.

2) Moonassi Drawings – Daehyun Kim

I wish Daehyun Kim had an artist statement on his website because I would love to know more about his work, but alas, he does not. It still doesn’t change the fact that I’m transfixed by his pieces. Click on the link to scroll through his work. It’s worth the time.

3) Give the Rebels Hell

What can I say? I’m a Star Wars fan. I named my cat Stormtrooper. Enough said.

4) An Element That’s Rare on Earth is Found Far, Far Away

Those close to me know that I can go off on a philosophical rant about my ideas around how the universe began, and how it all will end. It’s not really a rant, but something I’m incredibly interested in. Clay and I spent a couple hours in his truck one night discussing the stars and the origins of life and our hopes for what happens when we die. This article is kind of exciting because the discovery of this element gives us a time frame and connect the creation of three stars to a specialized supernova explosion. Kind of cool. Just saying. I’m a nerd.

5) Bike Planter

If I had a bike (and the necessary skill to keep plants alive), I would own this. I just think it’s super neat to have a traveling garden. AND it’s super Earth friendly. Plants + green transportation = awesome.

6) Self-Tie Polka Dot Dress from Forever 21

I love Forever 21 because it’s cheap, and because they carry a lot of retro inspired pieces. Adding this dress to my list of “wants.”


Outfit Ideas: Art Gallery Opening/Reception

I have a lot of friends ask me what to wear when I invite them to one of my gallery exhibition openings. I usually respond with “something not too formal, but so you don’t look like you’ve just left the gym.” Gallery openings are a great place to mingle in the art community and network yourself as an artist (or whatever you may be), and I think that your outfit should reflect how you want to be seen.

For my upcoming exhibition, Click, I want to wear something that makes me look dressier than my everyday style, and something that makes me stand out from the crowd. As an artist with hundreds of people flowing in and out of the gallery, you want to stand out from the everyday joes with something that says, “Hey! Look at me! I’m the artist!”

For my reception, here’s a similar look as to what I’ll be wearing:

Vibrant Button Blazer from Forever 21

Structured Silhouette Dress from Forever 21

Showered In Compliments Wedge in Sunrays from ModCloth

This is not the shoe I’m wearing at the reception but I love the golden yellow with the teal of the blazer.

Now, if you’re not an artist looking for an outfit for your big night, but you’re just attending an art show, here’s a much more casual look which is more along the lines of a night out. You won’t look overdressed, just more like you decided to stop by on an evening out on the town.

California Twirl Top from ModCloth

Classic Slim Denim Pants from Forever 21

Ponte Boyfriend Blazer from Top Shop

Serenade High Peep Toe Platforms from Top Shop

This look keeps it real simple. Classic denim jeans paired with a simple, cute, patterned top, which is mostly covered by a light, neutral blazer. Nothing too bold or flashy, but allowing a pop of color to be worn with these heels. It’s elegant, and can be worn for many different occasions.


PS: Let me know if you want more of these types of posts for specific events! It was really fun to make!


What The Future Holds

I wouldn’t consider myself a superstitious person. I’m not afraid of black cats. I’m perfectly ok walking under a ladder (I do about 50 times a day at my job). I refuse to throw salt over my shoulder. Ever.

However, I do some “superstitious” things. Like knocking on wood. I will knock on wood to avoid jinxing myself, even though I fully believe it doesn’t do anything.

I found myself buying a bracelet from Target the other day (which can be seen in my OOTD Mmmmm…good) for two reasons. 1) It was a gorgeous braided turquoise bracelet. 2) It clearly said on the packaging the “powers” of turquoise (that it would bring me luck and success in life, two things I find myself lacking right now).

I found myself eating lunch at Panda Express today with two of my photo colleagues (and also best friends I should say!), and about halfway thorugh my orange chicken, Elizabeth pulls out her fortune cookie and reads the obsurdity which is the relationship advice it gives her. Wanting to keep the chain of laughter at our “fortunes” going, I opened mine.


I’ve never seen or heard of anyone receiving an empty fortune before, although it makes sense that it could happen quite often. But it still confused me. I looked up at my friends and discussed what it means to receive no fortune: does it mean I have no future? Who knows. But it sparked a great debate amongst the three of us, as well as my facebook friends when I posted this picture.

Has anyone else received an empty cookie, or a blank fortune? What are your “superstitions” on it’s meaning? I’ve now been told it means I can make up my own fortune, but what do you all think?


Family Resemblance

I’ve always found it remarkable how much siblings look like each other, or how they have certain features of their parents, but when I visited New York a couple years back, I stayed with my aunt, who, knowing I worked as a photographer, decided to pull out the old boxes of photos from her childhood and show me a glimpse into the past. What stood out the most is how alike my aunt and I look at the same age. I joke around that the picture above (a small wallet photo she gave me to keep) is me circa 1960. I could probably pass it off as one of those photos where you pose in a booth dressed up in old time clothes. Ha!

I’m curious. Does anyone else have family they look identical to from another decade? If so, blog about it and link me to your post or tweet me @12LightChasers! I wanna see it!