Lovely Things #9

It’s another fun filled Saturday! Another glorious end to a glorious week, at least for me (and I hope all of you as well). A few highlights from the week are my new job I got hired at (oh look at me), leaving my old job, and buying my own domain name! No, it’s not for 12 Light Chasers (YET), but it is for my personal art portfolio! So I’ll give you guys my link once my site is actually up!

1) Caturday Tunic from ModCloth

If this were long enough, I would wear it as a dress…every Caturday…

2) As Long As It Photographs, It Must Be A Camera

3) The Best Birth Control In the World is for Men

“If I were going to describe the perfect contraceptive, it would go something like this: no babies, no latex, no daily pill to remember, no hormones to interfere with mood or sex drive, no negative health effects whatsoever, and 100 percent effectiveness. The funny thing is, something like that currently exists.”

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Bag Envy

So my style has two sides that it flips between. There’s the super girly side: dresses, tights and heels, which I think this blog has seen more of from me than the other. The second side is a little more hardcore, a little grungier, and a lot more rock ‘n’ roll. The past few weeks I’ve been feeling that rocker side more than not which has me pulling out combat boots, men’s tees, skinny jeans and grungy satchels.

About a week and a half ago, I came across a post on Tumblr of the most amazing leather satchel I’ve ever come across. This thing is incredible. I would honestly give my left leg to have it (you already know this if you follow me on Twitter).

So this is a blog post dedicated to this bag. If anyone knows where to find it, please link me to it because I’m hunting so hard to find it.

Now I feel like this post wouldn’t be complete with just me whining about how badly I want this bag, so I thought I’d throw in an outfit idea post (slightly inspired by the Hunger Games) as well with things you could pair well with this, since it is such a uniquely different accessory.

For starters, this is not going to be a girly look. It’s going to be rough. It’s going to be dirty. And pretty much if you wore this all together, you’d be ready to kick some major booty.

So to cover your rockin’ booty, I’m styling this bag with a pair of distressed skinnies from Forever 21. In my mind, it HAS to be a pair of skinnies. Anything flared would just get in the way of all those sweet high kicks you’ll be doing.

Keepin’ the top super simple with a racerback tank also from Forever 21. We’re too cool for sleeves.

Pair that simple outfit with some sick military boots from Cathy Jean and you’ve got a pretty sweet dealio going on for ya. I actually own these boots and they’re amazing. So comfy, and great with skinnies, or even a summer dress.

Top off the look (of course this is hair!) with a simple messy side braid and you’re pretty much ready to go fight crime or travel the world on some sick adventure.

Go rock it.


Treasury Tuesday: Through the Forest

I’m a little bit too much into the Hunger Games right now, and I bought these amazing boots the other day which reminded me of Katniss and I’ve been wearing them everyday with the never ending desire to go frolic through the forest with a bow and arrow, and yeah, I’m a little weird.

So instead of doing a Hunger Games inspired treasury, I made one filled with items I might take with me whilst frolicking through the woods, simply titled: Through The Forest.

1) Large Journal Leather Sketchbook

2) Waxed Canvas Day Bag

3) Compass Black and Silver Flying Swallow Bird Necklace

4) Wound Healer Herbal Oil

5) Hunter Jumper Equestrian Leggings

Lovely Things #8

It feels like it was just yesterday I posted #7…maybe because it hasn’t been a full week since I did…oh yeah.

Anyways, this weeks time spent on the interwebs was well worth it. I came across quite a few cool things which just made my jaw drop because I either never knew they existed, or it was just the raddest thing I’ve ever seen.

1) Mustachifier Pacifier by Perpectual Kid

I’ve no plans of having a kid in the near future, or even in the next ten years, but holy cow…I might just buy this anyways, so if I do have one, I’m prepared.

2) Cupacake Fondue by Oh Cupcakes

Combining two of my favorite loves. New addiction? Possibly.

Which reminds me, I’ll be posting a recipe for Chai Latte Cupcakes sometime in the coming week. My birthday is on Sunday, so it will be the perfect little treat for myself. Hehe.

3) Will The Real Mitt Romnay Please Stand Up

Now I’m not trying to get political here. That’s not my intent. This is not a bash on Romney, this is just my observation of some really creative people being really funny.

4) Oxford Commas

I don’t have credit for who made this (please link me if you know who did), but I must agree, I do love an oxford comma.

5)Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

The Lions Mane Jellyfish is the largest jellyfish in the world. They have been swimming in arctic waters since before the dinosaurs (over 650 million years ago) and are among some of the oldest surviving species in the world.

The largest can come in at about 6 meters and has tentacles over 50 meters long. Pretty amazing when you think these things have been swimming around for so long.

They have hundreds of poisonous tentacles that it used to catch passing by fish. it then slowly drags in it’s prey and eats it.

They have been causing havoc with Japanese fishermen, ripping and clogging up nets.


The Daily Drinker: Green Apple Vodka Sprite


I’m not a vodka drinker, but a few of my friends are, so when James was in town this past weekend for the VNV Nation concert, we spent the next night drinking and this was his requested beverage.

Now, to get me to drink vodka takes a lot of masking it with other flavors, but this surprisingly is GOOD. And EASY to mix.

One glass Sprite (or similar soda, I also tried Sierra Mist and 7Up but Sprite will always be my fave) and 1/2 shot to a full shot of vodka.

I didn’t do a fancy garnish or anything on this, but you can see I’ve got it in my trusty Kahlua cup! Ha!

We also did a variation of this over the weekend using Absolut Orient Apple flavored vodka because I couldn’t find the Smirnoff Green Apple I had been looking for. Lemme just say, I could live off this.


Lovely Things #7

Welcome to a very belated edition of Lovely Things. As I’ve said in a previous post, or on twitter, or somewhere in that weird world of social networking, my past weekend has been crazy busy! Saturday was filled with lots of working and then followed up with the most amazing concert I’ve ever been to (VNV Nation, see “Putting the Camera Down“), so finding time to sit down and collect all my lovely things from the week just didn’t happen. Realistically, I could’ve written the post and queued it during the week, but hey, I’m only human. So here’s the past week’s lovelies:

1) VNV Nation

Yes, I’m going there…again. If you haven’t checked out the band, do so. This song has been stuck in my head since Saturday and yeah. Fan girl moment.

2) Nicholas Tee Ruiz

Nicholas Tee Ruiz is an employee of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan (New York) and is responsible for special exhibitions and events. The artworks inspired him so much that he decided for each exhibition he’d design himself a bow tie that fit the theme and would make one out of everyday objects. Interested in the quirky, modern bows? Ruiz has a kickstarter-project set up so you can help him to make his bow tie hobby his job.

3) Julien Mauve – Back To Childhood

“A few months ago, I was hanging around in my grandparent’s attic. What I found among other things was a box full of toys I used to play with as a child. Each of them reminded me of a particular moment of my childhood and I felt emotionally connected to them.

“Instead of storing them back into their box, I tried to imagine what they could look like in our adult world. Going further than their power to generate nostalgia, toys offer those who animate them a marvelous power to reinvent the world.”

4) Anna Schuleit – Bloom

After 91 years, in 2003, the headquarters of the prestigious Massachusetts Mental Health Center ( MMHC ) was to be demolished to make way for new structures. The closure was also the occasion for a moment of reflection and remembrance for the people who worked and stayed in this building for years, whose lives were affected – often unconsciously – by its dimensions, directions, and traffic ways, whose memories still remain connected with the MMHC over the course of nine decades. But how to commemorate in some way with a building that is rich in history, hope and sadness, waiting to be demolished? The answer to that question was Anna Schuleit . The artist was commissioned to solve that problem and to pay tribute to the artistic MMHC . With a limited budget and only three months of planning, Schuleit and a huge team of volunteers, created a massive public art installation called Bloom . The concept, though simple, was difficult to build a large scale, it was installed about 28,000 flowers in vases in every square meter of MMHC including hallways, stairwells, offices and even in the pool, a veritable sea of flowers. The public was invited for a limited period of 4 days to visit the facility for a moment of reflection and rebirth.

5) Bike By Me

Bike By Me is a company that let’s you design your own bike in all sorts of colors.


Treasury Tuesday: I Dream of Greenie

So it’s Tuesday again and I’ve got a lovely treasury inspired by my favorite color, green! I’ve been digging green a lot lately, so this treasury happened without even planning on making it about the color. So here’s a few selections from my list of green treasures, and you can find the full treasury HERE. As always, pics link through to the actual items.

1) Vintage 50s Logan Blue and Green Floral Dress

2)Lovebirds and Green Glass Opal Necklace

3) Vintage Green Rubber Gas Mask

4)Vintage and Modern Postage Stamps – A Little Green Town