The Daily Drinker: Fruitilicious


What goes better with a little grilled food than a refreshingly fruity drink? Beer. But that’s beside the point.

Once again, my liquor cabinet is stocked full of flavored vodka, this time it’s Smirnoff Lime, so here’s what I made!

1 Large glass of chilled water

2 shots Smirnoff Lime

2 TBSP sugar

Frozen fruit (I used peaches and strawberries)

Super simple. Just mix the vodka and sugar into your water and chill it down with some frozen fruit.

Sweet and delicious.



Treasury Tuesday: Trip to the Beach

Summer is pretty much here in Phoenix, and while we don’t have a real beach anywhere near, we do have a river! Every year, my friends and I pack up and make a trip to go tubing on the Salt River. It’s about a 4 hour trip down the river in super cold water, but it’s some of the best times of the summer when we go. Plus I end up with a great tan after that sunburn fades! Haha. So today’s treasury was created from my yearning to get out in the water. Enjoy! (Click on the images for more information)





Are you planning any fun summer trips yet? Where are you or do you want to go? And more importantly – what are you bringing? Haha


Outfit Ideas: At the Rock Show

I’ve said in previous posts that half of the time, I like to dress a little on the grungy side, mostly when I don’t feel a need to be girly – going to bars, concerts or hanging with my dudes. So I thought I’d share an outfit idea for those nights out where you need a lil bit of an edge beyond just being the cute girl.

If you recognize these jeans, points to you! I’ve blogged about them before and for good reason! These jeans from Forever 21 are a great style and can be worn many different ways. I’m not a huge fan of distressed jeans, but these ones tickle my fancy, and can be paired with a girly top to rough it up, or with a plain old white v neck to rock hardcore. Heels or combat boots, I love these.


Pair it with this In N Out AZ tank from Make Shift Apparell


And a sick pair of grungey combat boots. I found these over at Zappos

Add some funky accessories like this Eyeball Necklace from Glow Worm Shop


This elaborate Cross Necklace from oOCupcakeOo

This look is all about mixing and matching. The less that goes together, the cooler it looks. Just don’t add too much. Keep it simple, but pack a punch with a few bold pieces! Have fun!


Lovely Things #12

Alrighty, so you’ve probably noticed I fell off the face of the planet, ONCE AGAIN. My apologies again. Here’s a quick list of things I’ve been working on which you’ll get to see now (or super super soon)!

  • My own artist website! I’m super excited to be able to share this with you guys! I’ve been working the bugs out, and hile it’s still not perfect, it’s to a point where I am ready to show everyone! So take a look and leave a comment telling me what you think!
  • A book! No really! I’m making a small artist book which will most likely end up in an edition of TWO ONLY. The concept is based off of a dream where the narator builds a ship and travels to the moon and discovers the ruins of a lost civilization. It’s got a lot of cool art stuff in it including six photogravures, cyanotypes, line drawings and poetry. The editions will be finished on April 30, and will make an appearance online shortly after!
  • I’m also working on making custom books for the store which will have blank pages and can be used as a sketchbook, journal, diary, gift, etc. Blog post to come as soon as those become available!

Alright, so let’s get underway with this post! This week I’ve been super crafty, so let’s get rolling on the awesomeness I’ve found in the online DIY world:

1) Book Making Tutorial by James Darrow

No pic for this one because this tutorials is already one GIANT pic. I don’t want to cheat James out of the credit he deserves for this tutorial, so take a look at his page and be amazed. Whether or not you have the time, money or skill to do this, it’s still really cool to see how exactly a book IS made.

2) DIY Charger station

Super cute, super easy DIY to get your phone off the ground while it’s plugged in charging. Gonna make my own with the next empty bottle I have so the cat stops knocking my phone onto the ground!

3) Repurposed Picture Frames DIY

This is a great way to show off photos, drawings or what not using a thrifted picture frame, or even one you have laying around the house already. I’m always looking for an excuse to buy cool thrifted frames but can never justify it unless it suits my art perfectly. This is gonna be a great way to tell myself it’s ok!

4) DIY Dress from Talk2thetrees

Now this won’t be for those of you who hate sewing or can’t sew without the use of a pattern, but for those of you up to the challenge, talktothetrees has this DIY on how to make your own dress for $6!

5) Side French Braid Tutorial from lovemaegan

As my hair starts returning to near its old length, I’m finding it possible to style in some braids. While my hair is nowhere near longenough to do this style, I think it’s absolutely lovely and will end up over wearing it once I can.

6) Easy DIY Necklace/Key Holder

Getting thrifty. Seriously. There are so many way to repurpose all the crazy knick knacks you’ll find in a thriftstore!

7) DIY Laundry Bag

Now realizing it was a waste of money to buy that hamper! Get your spring clean on with a super quick, ONE MINUTE tutorial on how to make this hamper.

Have a great weekend and get crafty!


Instagram Photo Dump: 2nd Week of April



















1: Nails of the week

2: The babe sleeping in my bed

3/4: New hobby, creeping on people with my camera (the photo op was irresistable!)

5: How benches make baby benches

6: Turning the A/C on to dry prints quicker in the studio

7: The babe snuggling in my dress

8: Driving through the desert.

9: Best friends who claw your face and make you bleed

10: Daith piercing

11: Vintage bowtie as a hairbow (for sale on Etsy)

12: The studio sinks need a good scrub

13: Elizabeth and I are super sensitizers when it comes to photogravure

14: And we reward ourselves for our hardwork (she’s the fruity beer, I’m the Guinness haha)

15: Photographing the most beautiful old fountain on campus

16: Throwing out my old work pants = joy

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What Time of Daith?

Ok, sorry. Terribly bad pun title. But I had to do something with it because my friend didn’t even know what I was saying at first, and thought I had suddenly picked up Old English.

So what am I talking about? I just got my daith pierced the other day at Idle Hands Tattoo in Mesa!


Not to be mistaken for my rook, the daith is that little piece of cartilage between the rook and tragus. Super cute, right?

And for me it was completely painless! I’ve never had such an easy piercing before! 1/10 on the pain scale! It doesn’t even hurt with the healing process. I even slept on it a few hours after it was done (woops).

And my plugs, in case you’re wondering, are my 4g pyrex plugs from Body Art Forms, which I talked about here, and said I would do a little review on, so here we go!

I absolutely love these plugs. I thought about switching them out for my tunnels the other day, but changed them back after about ten seconds with the others. They’re incredibly comfortable to wear, especially to slide in because of the curved back, so when I put my tunnels in, the flat edges feel sharp and painful in comparison.

These are super easy to clean, although they  get real slippery when wet and soapy, so I always clean them over a plugged sink for fear of losing them down the drain. They’re a little harder to put in when freshly cleaned (not impossible or difficult, just more friction), but I don’t see it as a problem because it’s a good reminder to oil up my lobes and massage them. My ears have been dry lately, so it’s actually a huge help.

I also love the flares on them. They give the appearance of a larger gauge, but at smaller sizes, also have an appearance of normal earrings, which appeases those in my life who disagree with body mods (especially those who hated my tunnels like no other…mom…).

I should probably also talk about my most recent stretching experience, as some people have asked about it, knowing I had difficulty with this stretch.

My ears, despite waiting for them to heal and develop a gap around my 6g plugs, were just not able to stretch directly to a 4g, so I went about the taping method as I had done stretching from an 8g to a 6g. I had a few issues with taping and my ears seeming to do the opposite of what made sense. My right ear usually stretches easier than my left, but they switched it up this time. My left ear was more than willing to take extra layers of tape, while my right refusing to add even a layer every day.

Anyways, after a few days of taping I was able to get a 4g taper through my left ear, but was unable to follow through with the plug, and after about 3 attempts of the taper falling out and having to redo it over and over, my ear had had enough. So I put o rings on it and slept with it in, with the hopes of removing the taper and replacing it with a plug in the morning. No such luck. It took me two or three days for the swelling in my lobe to go down enough for me to even be able to remove the taper. You read that right, the taper was stuck in my ear.

Well, by the time I was able to move the taper out and replace it with a plug in my left ear, I decided to try the taper on my right. It went through, no pain, no friction, so I slid it out and tried a plug on its own. It went in. Don’t ask me how.

Well, two days later, I removed my left plug to clean my ear, only to find my Q-tips were covered in blood. When I had cleaned my ear after removing the stuck taper, they were fine, and there was no additional stretch to put the plug in, so what caused this, I have no idea. I don’t think it was a tear, but maybe just irritation from the whole process?

My ears are both super healthy again though, but in case it was a tear, I’ve put off stretching til at least July (but I’ll probably pierce the rest of my body to keep me busy in the meantime).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge.


Lovely Things #11

I don’t really know what to say for the past week. It’s been a bit hectic with graduation just around the corner and each day feeling like an entire week. But for me, the harder I work, the harder I play – so I rewarded myself a few times this week for a job well done.

1) Mossimo Supply Co. Peep Toe Flat from Target

This was one of my little treats to myself this week. The picture online really doesn’t do the color any justice. They are just the brightest blue and I can’t wear them without getting a ton of compliments!

2) Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

3) Exo7 Belt Buckle iPhone Case

Now I’m not always one to jump on every fancy iPhone case they come out with, but if I had an extra $300 dollars to spend on this one, you know I would. Although I’m sure it would be awkward looking to pull your phone out, especially for others who might think you’re about to take your pants off.

4) Turntable Rider created by COGOO

TURNTABLE RIDER is pushing the concept further. Produced by engineers at COGOO, a Japanese bike sharing system managed by Relations Inc., TURNTABLE RIDER essentially realigned DJ essentials onto a converted BMX bike – the wheels become jog wheels, brakes are now sound pad, and the gyroscopic motion sensor doubles as the fader pad.

Have a splendid weekend everyone!