Our beloved Stormtrooper is still missing. We may have a match at the Humane Society, so everyone, please keep in your prayers that it is indeed him. We’re praying so hard for his safe return.

The Daily Drinker: Beer-garitas


Hi lovelies! So it’s Thursday and all you college students out there know what that means, and maybe some parents too! Haha! It’s Thirsty Thursday, so I will enlighten you on how to make possibly one of the best margaritas ever. Unfortunately I didn’t come up with this recipe on my own, BUT all you ladie out there will enjoy the video which taught me how to make the following:

Now for those of you who didn’t even notice there was a recipe in there, here’s what you’ll need:

1 can frozen limeade (or other juice, your choice)

Equal parts water (use your limeade container to measure) and tequila (I actually used Sauza but whatever you have will work)

1 bottle light beer ( I used Corona Light)

Mix all together and serve. Super simple and delicious. Be weary. It’s strong, but hey…so was that fireman 😉


Update on my MIA

Hello everyone. Sorry once again for disappearing. My laptop charger died last week and since my computer battery could hold no charge, I was out a computer. But my wonderful dad, knowing how rough a week I’ve been having, graciously gifted a new charger and battery to me, so I should be in operation as NORMAL shortly.

However, I may disappear sporadically as two major life events are occurring at the moment for me.

1) I am moving on the 19th. While we are extremely excited to start a new life together, Harleigh and I are also in tears as life event #2 unfolds.

2) Our dearest baby kitty Stormtrooper has gone missing. He’s been gone since Sunday with no sign of his whereabouts. We’ve been scouring shelters and actively putting out info looking for our lost kitty, but we fear the worst as the temperatures start to near triple digits. We’re getting some reprieve from the heat in the form of severe dust and rain storms, but that doesn’t comfort me knowing that Stormy has no survival skills for the outdoors. He’s always been an indoor cat. So I ask that you keep him in your hearts and in your prayers, and that he will make it home safely to us.

If you’re in the Phoenix area, and see a white cat, please try and help as it may be our sweet little baby.


Body Positivity Project 2012

Good morning everyone! Just thought I’d quick share an awesome new project I’ve heard about and participated in. Eliana over at Too Fat To Be Hipster has started a project to encourage people everywhere to view themselves as beautiful no matter what their body look like.

Here Eliana’s own words on the project:

For this project I will be asking willing participants (friends, tumblr followers, family, etc) to send me images of their breasts (I am starting with breasts but plan on also doing a tummy and bum project too) to create a grid of anonymous body parts in all different shapes, sizes, colors, ages, etc.

The end result should look like a floral pattern or geometric design, but upon further inspection is actually a few hundred pictures of different kinds of boobs/bellies/butts. I will be gum-printing small grids initially, and screen-printing large ones on scarves that you can wear (!!!), or hang on your wall. The example above is only a small portion of what is to come. 

They do not have to be good quality, and can be taken with cellphones/laptop cams/etc. The only thing I ask is that they are only of the specific body-part, although I can do some more specific cropping if you do not have that ability. 

The ideal image of your breasts should be from around your collar bone to anywhere under your breast. But do keep in mind these images are cropped to squares, and can use a bit of room around and underneath the breast to ensure nothing gets cut-off. 

The more I can accumulate, the better, so spread the word that this is a positive, uplifting environment for self-love, and anyone who wants to participate can. If you identify with having breasts – you’re in!

Every participant will remain anonymous but don’t worry, no one will be able to tell anyone else apart. I will also accept anonymous emails, if you’re feeling shy.

If you are comfortable with this idea, please send images to TooFatToBeHipster@gmail.com, or message me privately on tumblr (nothing will ever be published publicly).

You can also reblog this to help me spread the word! Thank you so much in advance for your support and participation.

Go and check her out and if you’re feeling brave (remember everything is anonymous), go and submit a picture to her to help make this project HUGE!