Lovely Things #14

Hello all! I hope you’re all enjoying your wonderful Saturday, and you know what that means! It’s time for this week’s edition of Lovely Things! I’m working on getting this blog up and running on a regular basis again and that means a LT post every Saturday! So here’s what I’ve been enjoying this week!

1) Persona – Movie and Screen Caps

When my boyfriend came over yesterday, I proceeded to make him watch old movies with me. Not as a punishment to him, but there’s something about how old movies are made and the scripts that just makes my heart melt over them and this time I never got to experience. I also love making screencaps of foreign films. These screen grabs from Persona are my own from last fall. I recommend you all watch this movie, it’s available on Netflix instant watch!

2) DIY Comic Book Heels!

This tutorial looks super simple to do and I’m stoked to try it out on a pair of cheap clearance heels and make them something worth looking at!

3) Brilliant Library Ideas

Someone do this and send a picture our way! I’d love to post it on the blog if you do this or if you already have some sort of awesome decor going on in your place! [No photo credit]

4) F-Troupe Mesh Saddle Shoes

These shoes are phenomenal! And they’re also great for summer, especially in Phoenix where sweaty feet are an inevitability as gross as that sounds! I love shoes which give you the breathability of sandals while keeping your toesies nice and tucked in!

Happy Saturday!



Outfit Ideas: First Date, Summer Casual

Summer is finally, officially here, on this side of the globe, and it’s time for all those cute summer romances to begin, so here’s an outfit post for a casual first date, or maybe something for those of you relationship long timers, or even if you’re single and going out with the girls for the night. It’s pretty much an outfit idea you can use repeatedly for different occassions where you look casual and cool and little more dolled up than the everyday. It’s even something I would wear to the office! So let’s get started.

Every outfit should have a piece that starts as it’s foundation. Usually you’ll be tempted to pick a top which stands out from every thing else and call that the base for your outfit, but for this, I’m going to start from the bottom up.

For this look, I like to start out with a nice dark denim jean, preferably with no signs of distress and I roll the bottoms of the legs into cuffs as high as I can roll them, which is usually mid calf. Or you can buy something like these Cuffed Premium Denim Skinnies from Forever 21. Skinnies are great at showing off your legs and rolling those cuffs shows a little bit of skin which adds a bit of sex appeal. This look is for a first date. We’re not trying to give away all the goodies, but a little teasing can go a long way, which is why I prefer pants over a dress for a first date.

Now that we have a foundation, we can start building on top of it. It’s summer, so remember what kind of weather it is when choosing a top. Long sleeves are going to be out of the question unless you really want to throw off the vibe of your whole night. Short sleeves are ok, but I really love this look with a sleeveless blouse.

I love the way sheer fabric looks, especially in a peachy tone. Find a light colored, flowy camisole top to pair with dark jeans. It will balance out the heaviness of the dark bottoms and give it more of a dressy summer feel, all whilst keeping the look super casual. I adore this Cascade Ruffle Cami from Forever 21 for this look.

Now for shoes. I feel shoes are crucial to finishing this look off. If you can’t walk in heels already, learn. Just kidding, I won’t force you to wear anything you’re not comfortable with, but I feel like the shoes are really what makes this look irresistibly sexy. You could alway wear a cute sandal or gladiator, or even a cute cork wedge but heels really finish this look off.

The picture doesn’t do these shoes justice, but these Bambi heels from Kate Preston are to die for. It’s a cream lacey mesh with ruffles which makes your feet look just incredible. I own this pair and my friends all tried them on as well and they make anyone look great. I can’t find them online anywhere, but they are currently available in stores at Off Broadway Shoes.

And then I like to finish this look off with a very simple accessory like this Chrysoprase Stone Pendant from Evie Jewelry Designs on Etsy.

I hope you all enjoy this look and let me know if there’s any special occassions you’d like to see an outfit idea for!


Dot It

Who doesn’t love a little retro inspired nail tutorial? These nails are super simple and look a lot cooler than your typical polka dot nail.

I used three coats of NYC Black Lace (the third coat really helps give it that solid black coat), then used just the brush from Sally Hanson French White Tip and wiped off the excess color and made dots going across my nails as even as I possibly could. For me it was about 9 dots on each nails. If you don’t trust your hand, you can use a wooden dowel or chopstick and dip that in the polish to keep them uniform. This would even be fun to do as a domino affect (later tutorial maybe?). I then topped it off with Sally Hanson’s UV top coat.

Have fun!


Body Mods: Stretched Lobes 2g

So it’s that time again, where my ears were ready for another stretch. I wasn’t planning on the stretch but when I put in some slightly less tapered plugs and they slid all the way through my ears, I figured my ears were up for a 2g and it ended up being a super easy, painless stretch.

For anyone wondering what my ears look like without plugs right now, here they are.

And a look at the new red tiger eye single flare plugs I am sporting from Body Art Forms.

These plugs were slightly larger than a 2g and didn’t slip right in. It took a hot shower and a lot of vitamin E oil, but I was able to coax them in without any complications and they look great and are super comfortable to wear. They’re just as beautiful as in the picture!


Lovely Things #13: Father’s Day Edition

Ok, so you forgot about father’s day until the last minute again? Well here are some cool things I’ve found on the web this week which would make great gifts for Dad!

1) Brownie Camera Clock DIY


2) DIY Spice Rub for grilling

3) DIY (Root)Beer Sampler

Originally the post is with rootbeer but I know my dad would prefer a couple varieties of imported ale.

4) Nintendo Lunchbox/briefcase

A little something something for the younger generation of dads!


Food Fest: Homemade Guac and Chips

Ok this recipe is super simple and SUPER quick and it creates a quick summer snack or a great appetizer to serve poolside at your next summer BBQ.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Avocado (as many as you want, depends on how much you want to make!)

Onion (optional)

Salsa (optional)

Salt to taste

Lime juice

Flour tortilla (or corn if that’s your preference)

Vegetable Oil

Ok, to start of, cut open your avocados and mash them into a bowl with a fork. Dice up some onions, pour in a little salsa and add the juice of 1/4 to 1/2 lime plus salt to taste. The lime juice helps keep the guac from turning brown as fast! This portion is really all done to taste. Add a little, taste it, then add a little more if you’re not satisfied. Remember, it’s always easier to add more, but it’s harder to undo it if you add too much!

For the homemade chips, cut your tortillas into what ever size or shape you want (typically triangles). Pour about 1/2 inch of vegetable oil into a pan and heat it up. Using the handle of a wooden spoon to check, dip the spoon in and if bubbles start to form around the handle, the oil is READY to FRY! Throw in a few tortilla strips but don’t overlap them! Watch them carefully, flipping them once during frying  and pull them out using utensils once they become golden brown! This takes a few trials to get them the perfect crispiness.

When you pull them out, place them in a single layer on a paper towel and lightly salt them, and if you want, squeeze a little lime juice on top. Plate up and enjoy!