Like our DIY phone case tutorial? Now you can buy one!

Hey everyone! So I’ve been on hiatus from the shop for a little bit only to come back and realize all my listings were down! Crisis averted, everything is back up and for sale once again, just in case anyone wanted to get a little holiday shopping in!

I also listed a new item. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I posted a tutorial a few months ago on how to create your own DIY phone case using old comic books (click the link if you haven’t seen it). Well since I made that case, I’ve had it on my phone non stop and it’s awesome! I absolutely love it and the whole thing has held up incredibly well with the number of drops its taken! Plus, everyone who sees it in my hand has pretty much snatched my phone, gawked at it and then started with the “OH COOL WHERE DID YOU GET IT?” and when I tell them I made it, “WOW CAN YOU MAKE ME ONE?”

Soooo, since everyone’s been wanting one, I’m now going to start selling them in the shop! Just click through the picture to go directly to the listing!

And while you’re there, take a look at the rest of the shop! We’ve got some great goodies up and more to come!



Lovely Things #16

Hi lovelies!

I’m sporadically back with a cool new LT for the first time in FOREVER.

Now as you may already know, I live in Arizona and during our summers (and fall) it is super freaking hot outside. So much so that I wait for it to become winter so I can enjoy a nice 80˚F day to have some fun in the sun.

Bike By Me is a super cool company allowing buyers to customize their own fixed gear bike. You get to pick the color of your frame, your wheels, your chain, seat, handlebars…the WHOLE DARN BIKE. While it’s not the world’s largest selection of colors, I think it’s a pretty cool substitute to the old spray paint. Especially because painting your tires doesn’t always work so well…and I’m kind of impatient to do multiple coats…and oh heck…yeah I would rather have a pro do it…

Apsaras Adornments is a pretty cool shop on Etsy for those of you with stretched ears out there. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a little weird with my love of stones in general, which is the main reason I am a huge fan of stone plugs, especially these plugs made from petrified wood (which I had to buy because I am a sucker for plugs). I’ll be posting a review on these once they are snug in my ears. I’ll also be posting a stretching update, seeing as I will going up to a 0g (8mm). Just in case any of you were wondering how my ears were coming along, I’m currently at a 7mm.

And for all my ladies looking to do a little vintage style:

Have a lovely Saturday everyone!