Lovely Things #19

Heyyy! I’m back with another wonderful edition of my weekly (hey, cut me some slack here) internet dump. All the things I love, want, need, and feel like you should too. That’s why I’m sharing with you!

1) Chiffon Dot Skirt from Luulla

I am a firm believer that polka dots are one of those timeless patterns that we will never tire of. They are just cute and feminine and can spice up a boring outfit effortlessy. These skirts from Luulla are super adorable and when I saw that they were only $10.99? Holy guacamole! That’s amazing! I want one in every color!

2) How To Build A Terrarium by Yumi Sakagawa

No shame in saying this little drawing tutorial is adorable and perhaps makes me want to make my own terrarium. Maybe I can manage to keep that alive? Could this be the secret to the green thumb I’ve always wanted???

3) 25 Life Hacks for Your Tiny Closet by Buzzfeed

Literally, the best organizational tips you can find. I am going to get my closet in tip top shape this year!!!! And this is going to help me! Really useful for any girls (or guys) who seem to be having their closet vomit everywhere anytime you open it. Seriously brilliant.

4) Oh, so that’s what my body is telling me…

Yup, I guess I need to get on this. I’m lacking in some areas I didn’t even know about!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Let me know what you’re finding on the internet and maybe I’ll post it next LT!



Lovely Things #18

Hi all and happy Saturday! You know what that means! Another LT post this time featuring some gift ideas for the hardest people to shop for. The men in our lives. So here are a couple of my picks for gifts for guys when you’ve kind of run out of ideas. Trust me, I had the hardest time shopping for my man…his birthday JUST happened. Double trouble. So let’s go.

The Original Redneck Spice Rack (courtesy of RedNeckSpiceRack)

I had to laugh when I saw this. I will probably gift this to my Dad this year. The man who loves his spices and rubs and is known for making his own bottle labels that have gotten him in lots of trouble. If you don’t want to make one yourself you can order it off of their Etsy store. Just click through the picture.

Walking Dead Coasters from NoPlaceLikeNerd

There is not a single guy in my life who doesn’t OBSESS over this show. Put any of the men in my life in a room together and Walking Dead is bound to come up…EASY GIFT.

Beer Caddy from Cold Creek Brewing

I think when it comes to giving guys gifts you need to figure out something that they will actually use. Cuff links, fancy ink pens, smelly soaps…”Yeah dear, I love it…” No. Those are thing a guy will hardly use. If your man (or the guy who you’re gifting for) is a beer drinker, get him a good ole six pack caddy, hopefully with a bottle opener on it, fill it up with those “Make your own six pack” beers at your local grocer (I’m assuming most stores let you mix and match a six pack, if not, make do with his favorite beer) and let him enjoy his day off of work with a couple cold beers and a football game. Then pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Mini Robot Vacuum from Fred Flare

My men are nerds. I’m pretty sure this sort of gag gift is the only way to get them to clean up a little after themselves. Plus I kinda want to play with it too… Also, if you’re looking for something easy, silly and bound to be a win, Fred Flare is definitely the way to go. There is something for everyone. You can’t go wrong.

So hopefully this gave you some ideas a little more creative than funny t shirts or boxers or cuff links…because no man really wants those ever year.

Happy shopping everyone! Hopefully you didn’t procrastinate as long as me!


Lovely Things #17

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a lovely start to your lovely weekend. Here’s a couple of cool DIY projects and things I found on the interwebs this week! I hope you all enjoy! Also, feel free to like us on FACEBOOK for updates to new posts as well as Facebook fan exclusive discounts in our shop!

This DIY project from Creative Soul Spectrum on how to make your own elephant key hooks is super awesome and super simple. If I didn’t already have a key hook I’d be running to the store from a piece of wood, some toy elephants and some gold paint!

My parents have a huge bag of wine corks laying around in their pantry from when they cleaned out their gadget drawer. Apparently every time they’d open a new bottle of wine, they’d take the cork off the bottle opener and just leave it in the drawer. I guess, thanks to Pysselbolaget, I now know what to do with them. Mwahahaha. I mean…Yay.

And since it is the season for a little holiday cheer, why not use some ornaments as tiny little vases or planters this year? Gimme Some Style has inspired me with their Christmas vase and now I think I’m just gonna make ornaments into little terrariums year round? Maybe plant some seeds and cork the top with (HEY!) those corks in my parents pantry! If someone tries this, send me some pictures! I’d love to see what happens!

Have a great (and crafty) weekend!


Lovely Things #16

Hi lovelies!

I’m sporadically back with a cool new LT for the first time in FOREVER.

Now as you may already know, I live in Arizona and during our summers (and fall) it is super freaking hot outside. So much so that I wait for it to become winter so I can enjoy a nice 80˚F day to have some fun in the sun.

Bike By Me is a super cool company allowing buyers to customize their own fixed gear bike. You get to pick the color of your frame, your wheels, your chain, seat, handlebars…the WHOLE DARN BIKE. While it’s not the world’s largest selection of colors, I think it’s a pretty cool substitute to the old spray paint. Especially because painting your tires doesn’t always work so well…and I’m kind of impatient to do multiple coats…and oh heck…yeah I would rather have a pro do it…

Apsaras Adornments is a pretty cool shop on Etsy for those of you with stretched ears out there. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a little weird with my love of stones in general, which is the main reason I am a huge fan of stone plugs, especially these plugs made from petrified wood (which I had to buy because I am a sucker for plugs). I’ll be posting a review on these once they are snug in my ears. I’ll also be posting a stretching update, seeing as I will going up to a 0g (8mm). Just in case any of you were wondering how my ears were coming along, I’m currently at a 7mm.

And for all my ladies looking to do a little vintage style:

Have a lovely Saturday everyone!


Lovely Things #15

Hi all! It’s time for another completely sporadic LT post! I know, I know. Calm your horses! I’m trying the best I can! But anyways, this week I’ve been feeling extra crafty, and with my recent time off from work (also known as unemployment), I’ve been a little short on cash, so trying to find ways to be crafty involves a lot of repurposing! So this week’s LT is dedicating to repurposing things you may have laying around and making cool and exciting things from them! Let’s get started!

1) Altoids Container to All Purpose Card Holder from Creme De La Craft

Super cute and super useful. I mean COME ON, who doesn;t have a gazillion of these suckers laying around, and even if they’re not Altoids, I’ve still got dozens of little containers. I think I’m gonna make a couple (dozen) of these babies and say buh-bye to my big hulky wallet!

2) DIY Slave Bracelet from All Good Girls Go to Heaven

While I’m not all that into accessorizing and slave bracelets aren’t really my style, THIS is a great way to make use of broken necklaces. Because let’s face it, no necklace is immortal. Sadly.

3) Reusable Lined Snack Baggies from Happy Hour Projects

I’m currently lacking a sewing machine, but I am so down to try this out once I get my hands on one! I’ve been using my plastic shopping bags for garbage and cleaning Mr. Cooper’s toilet, but they still pile up faster than I can reuse them! This would be such a great way to repurpose all that plastic!

Oh, this girl is getting so excited right now!

4) DIY Vintage Excort Cards from Intimate Weddings

Oh you have no idea how excited this makes me! I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I have a few friends who are, and even aside from them, this would make a great gift for any one of my lovely ladies, or just myself. Hey! I need magnets for my fridge! It’s looking boring right now!

I hope you’re all feeling just as inspired and crafty as I am, and let me know if you have any fun and awesome ideas for how to reuse and repurpose things laying around the house!

Also, don’t forget to like us on FACEBOOK to be the first to know about all the cool things we’re going to be doing soon!


Lovely Things #14

Hello all! I hope you’re all enjoying your wonderful Saturday, and you know what that means! It’s time for this week’s edition of Lovely Things! I’m working on getting this blog up and running on a regular basis again and that means a LT post every Saturday! So here’s what I’ve been enjoying this week!

1) Persona – Movie and Screen Caps

When my boyfriend came over yesterday, I proceeded to make him watch old movies with me. Not as a punishment to him, but there’s something about how old movies are made and the scripts that just makes my heart melt over them and this time I never got to experience. I also love making screencaps of foreign films. These screen grabs from Persona are my own from last fall. I recommend you all watch this movie, it’s available on Netflix instant watch!

2) DIY Comic Book Heels!

This tutorial looks super simple to do and I’m stoked to try it out on a pair of cheap clearance heels and make them something worth looking at!

3) Brilliant Library Ideas

Someone do this and send a picture our way! I’d love to post it on the blog if you do this or if you already have some sort of awesome decor going on in your place! [No photo credit]

4) F-Troupe Mesh Saddle Shoes

These shoes are phenomenal! And they’re also great for summer, especially in Phoenix where sweaty feet are an inevitability as gross as that sounds! I love shoes which give you the breathability of sandals while keeping your toesies nice and tucked in!

Happy Saturday!


Lovely Things #13: Father’s Day Edition

Ok, so you forgot about father’s day until the last minute again? Well here are some cool things I’ve found on the web this week which would make great gifts for Dad!

1) Brownie Camera Clock DIY


2) DIY Spice Rub for grilling

3) DIY (Root)Beer Sampler

Originally the post is with rootbeer but I know my dad would prefer a couple varieties of imported ale.

4) Nintendo Lunchbox/briefcase

A little something something for the younger generation of dads!