Outfit Ideas: First Date, Summer Casual

Summer is finally, officially here, on this side of the globe, and it’s time for all those cute summer romances to begin, so here’s an outfit post for a casual first date, or maybe something for those of you relationship long timers, or even if you’re single and going out with the girls for the night. It’s pretty much an outfit idea you can use repeatedly for different occassions where you look casual and cool and little more dolled up than the everyday. It’s even something I would wear to the office! So let’s get started.

Every outfit should have a piece that starts as it’s foundation. Usually you’ll be tempted to pick a top which stands out from every thing else and call that the base for your outfit, but for this, I’m going to start from the bottom up.

For this look, I like to start out with a nice dark denim jean, preferably with no signs of distress and I roll the bottoms of the legs into cuffs as high as I can roll them, which is usually mid calf. Or you can buy something like these Cuffed Premium Denim Skinnies from Forever 21. Skinnies are great at showing off your legs and rolling those cuffs shows a little bit of skin which adds a bit of sex appeal. This look is for a first date. We’re not trying to give away all the goodies, but a little teasing can go a long way, which is why I prefer pants over a dress for a first date.

Now that we have a foundation, we can start building on top of it. It’s summer, so remember what kind of weather it is when choosing a top. Long sleeves are going to be out of the question unless you really want to throw off the vibe of your whole night. Short sleeves are ok, but I really love this look with a sleeveless blouse.

I love the way sheer fabric looks, especially in a peachy tone. Find a light colored, flowy camisole top to pair with dark jeans. It will balance out the heaviness of the dark bottoms and give it more of a dressy summer feel, all whilst keeping the look super casual. I adore this Cascade Ruffle Cami from Forever 21 for this look.

Now for shoes. I feel shoes are crucial to finishing this look off. If you can’t walk in heels already, learn. Just kidding, I won’t force you to wear anything you’re not comfortable with, but I feel like the shoes are really what makes this look irresistibly sexy. You could alway wear a cute sandal or gladiator, or even a cute cork wedge but heels really finish this look off.

The picture doesn’t do these shoes justice, but these Bambi heels from Kate Preston are to die for. It’s a cream lacey mesh with ruffles which makes your feet look just incredible. I own this pair and my friends all tried them on as well and they make anyone look great. I can’t find them online anywhere, but they are currently available in stores at Off Broadway Shoes.

And then I like to finish this look off with a very simple accessory like this Chrysoprase Stone Pendant from Evie Jewelry Designs on Etsy.

I hope you all enjoy this look and let me know if there’s any special occassions you’d like to see an outfit idea for!


PS: This is a fitting repost considering this outfit was based off of what I wore on my first date with my partner and our anniversary is tomorrow. Hehe


Style How To: Fold and Wear a Bandana

Oh no! So with the blog name transition, our old posts get lost on search engines because they show up with the old blog name. So to help everyone out a little, I’m going to repost a couple popular blogs (they’re also some of my favorites), so here we go:

So I get a lot of questions about how I fold my bandanas to wear in my hair and how I also get them to stay in one place the whole day. I do a lot of rockabilly and retro hair styles and when you add a bandana on top of some victory rolls it is CRUCIAL to make sure you don’t have to reposition your bandana every 15 minutes. So here’s a quick tutorial (it really is quick and simple, I just took lots of pictures)  on how to fold and wear it, and rock it all day long!

Start of with a plain old square bandana. You can buy them at places like Walmart or Target, but you usually get stuck with a paisley print, so if you’re looking for something a little different, try a craft store. They not only have solid colors but some fun prints as well and they are super cheap. I got this polka dot one at Hobby Lobby.

Find your corner with a tag. You can either cut this off, or if you’re like me, I just leave it there and make this one of my corner I fold in so no one ever sees it. Make sure you fold this corner in or you’ll end up a tag on top of your head!

Fold your tag corner and the opposite one and fold them in like this. If you want, you can start at one corner and fold/roll the bandana up, but it looks really chunky and awkward to me, and you usually end up with a little triangle piece hanging off the back of your neck. This method prevents that and also fits the shape of your head better, so less slippage.

Now this part I can show you super well because I had to use one hand with my camera, but grab each of your loose ends in your hands…

And pull!!! Pull hard enough and it will start to fold the bandana in on itself. If it looks a little bit too wide still, feel free to help it out a little and tuck in some bits here and there but don’t fold it. The loose wrinkly shape is gonna help us style it.

You can do this with your hair down but I always feel it makes the back look weird so I suggest doing this as an updo. So with your hair styled up however you please, place the middle of your bandana at the base of your style. The bottom edge should rest right up against your hairline. Gather your other ends on tops, and prepare your self to knot!

Identify your part line and tie your bandana so it’s center is in line with your part. I drew a blue line to help show you since my part is a little crazy looking with my bangs and ponytail!

Once you have your bandana lined up where you want it, finish your knot off to secure. Make sure it’s tight on your head so it’s not moving around too much, but don’t make it too tight that it’s too small to stay on or will give you a headache during the day! If your ends are poking up and out too much and starting to look like bunny ears, feel free to tuck them under the rest of the bandana to hide them. Mine were nice and flat today so I opted out of this step.

Pinning. This is probably the most crucial step in making sure your bandana stays in place ALL DAY, and is definitely the number one question I get in regards to how to properly wear a bandana. I use a total of four bobby pins to keep mine and place and for the purposes of this tutorial, I used the colored pins from Friday’s tutorial so you can actually see them.

My first two pins are going to be placed on my temple. Starting about where the blue dot is in the picture, I drag the bobby pin to catch all those little hairs in front of me ear and slide the pin up into place. It is crucial that you start in front of the bandana and catch those hair as tight as you can. If you start at the bandana instead, it will not have a taught anchor to secure it in place and will slide back until it is taught against the hairs underneath the bandana. Make sense? It’s like docking a boat. The closer to dock you secure the boat, the less it will move away. At least I think…I don’t know boats all too well.

Same thing goes for the two bobby pins placed on each side of the neck. Since your bandana is closer to your hairline, it doesn’t make as big a difference, but you want to secure them as tightly as you can to your hairline. One on each side of the nape of your neck.

Now you should have four pins in place, securely anchoring your bandana to your head, and you are ready to rock it for the day.

In the future I will show you different styles you can achieve with the bandana again, so I’ll see you soon with more tutorials!!!!


DIY Bottlecap Magnets

Hey everyone! Jumping back into the swing of things with my first tutorial. I am going to admit right here and now that I think I am obsessed with sticking magnets to things, but I get frustrated because the sticky side of the magnet strips…well….sucks. So here’s a super quick and easy peasy tutorial for you all on how I am slowly turning my entire collection of bottle caps into fridge magnets!


Step One) Drink up!

Now when it comes to choosing your bottle caps you can do that however you like. You can use soda bottles, beer bottle, vintage caps you found at the antique store- whatever. I recommend finding one that are in pretty good shape and not bent, but then again, it’s your magnet- go crazy.


If you’re taking the cap off a bottle, I recommend a bottle opener like the top of a wine bottle opener, or just going slow and careful around the cap 360˚ to make sure it opens evenly without distorting its shape. Like this:


Step Two) Fill your base.

Unless you have thick magnets, this is kind of important if you want to be able to use your magnet. For this, you can use pretty much any sort of glue. I originally used Mod Podge, but deciding I didn’t want to waste my precious MP, I switched to Elmer’s school glue which is less than a dollar per bottle (that means lots of magnets!!)

Take your glue and fill your cap to almost full. Don’t worry this shrinks down as it dries. And you can add more later if it shrinks too much. You can do a bunch of thinner layers if you want it to dry quicker. Now the hard part. Wait for it to dry.


This is what they look like filled. The left is fresh, and the right one is after its dried.


Step Three) Wait wait wait.

Now’s a good time to do your nails, blog, make some delicious homemade focaccia (I’ll post the recipe soon) or do some photo editing. Or all of the above. It’s a long wait.

Step Four) Magnetize!

Now this is where my Mod Podge comes in handy. Using a Q-tip, I dollop a good bit onto my my glue base (now dry) and press my magnet into it.


Make sure your glue base is high enough so that your magnet sits flush with the edges of the cap. Now wait for it to dry some more. Man is this part boring.



Step Five) Stick it!

Super easy right? And they look cool! I’ve been making mine out of specialty brews my partner and I have been trying the past few weeks. It’s a fun little reminder of the fun we have together.


Share pictures of what you create with me! I’ll even post some if you do!

Love Mel

PS: Because I know someone will ask, I got my “All Out OF” list at Bookman’s in AZ.

Little Submarines!

Hi again! It’s official. The new name is now Little Submarines (we’ve also changed names over at Etsy and on facebook). We’ve got a new theme up and running and our makkeover is pretty much complete. Sometime this week I will be queueing up enough posts to keep this blog looking fresh for a while! I’ve got some great ideas and some awesome tutorials, so stay tuned!


Blog Revamp!

It’s been a long time. A lot of things have come up since the last time I updated on the blog and I really want to keep up with everyone who has stuck around through my very long absence. There was a lot of drama in my life having to deal with my living situation and finances and now everything seems to be coming together a lot easier for me. So I’m back (hopefully to stay) and since the times have changed, I feel the blog needs a little makeover….including……..a new name! 12 Light chasers has become a bit irrelevant to my life and I feel the site as a whole just needs a new, fresh look. So get excited for the coming changes!

Love Mel!

Lovely Things #18

Hi all and happy Saturday! You know what that means! Another LT post this time featuring some gift ideas for the hardest people to shop for. The men in our lives. So here are a couple of my picks for gifts for guys when you’ve kind of run out of ideas. Trust me, I had the hardest time shopping for my man…his birthday JUST happened. Double trouble. So let’s go.

The Original Redneck Spice Rack (courtesy of RedNeckSpiceRack)

I had to laugh when I saw this. I will probably gift this to my Dad this year. The man who loves his spices and rubs and is known for making his own bottle labels that have gotten him in lots of trouble. If you don’t want to make one yourself you can order it off of their Etsy store. Just click through the picture.

Walking Dead Coasters from NoPlaceLikeNerd

There is not a single guy in my life who doesn’t OBSESS over this show. Put any of the men in my life in a room together and Walking Dead is bound to come up…EASY GIFT.

Beer Caddy from Cold Creek Brewing

I think when it comes to giving guys gifts you need to figure out something that they will actually use. Cuff links, fancy ink pens, smelly soaps…”Yeah dear, I love it…” No. Those are thing a guy will hardly use. If your man (or the guy who you’re gifting for) is a beer drinker, get him a good ole six pack caddy, hopefully with a bottle opener on it, fill it up with those “Make your own six pack” beers at your local grocer (I’m assuming most stores let you mix and match a six pack, if not, make do with his favorite beer) and let him enjoy his day off of work with a couple cold beers and a football game. Then pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Mini Robot Vacuum from Fred Flare

My men are nerds. I’m pretty sure this sort of gag gift is the only way to get them to clean up a little after themselves. Plus I kinda want to play with it too… Also, if you’re looking for something easy, silly and bound to be a win, Fred Flare is definitely the way to go. There is something for everyone. You can’t go wrong.

So hopefully this gave you some ideas a little more creative than funny t shirts or boxers or cuff links…because no man really wants those ever year.

Happy shopping everyone! Hopefully you didn’t procrastinate as long as me!