Lovely Things #19

Heyyy! I’m back with another wonderful edition of my weekly (hey, cut me some slack here) internet dump. All the things I love, want, need, and feel like you should too. That’s why I’m sharing with you!

1) Chiffon Dot Skirt from Luulla

I am a firm believer that polka dots are one of those timeless patterns that we will never tire of. They are just cute and feminine and can spice up a boring outfit effortlessy. These skirts from Luulla are super adorable and when I saw that they were only $10.99? Holy guacamole! That’s amazing! I want one in every color!

2) How To Build A Terrarium by Yumi Sakagawa

No shame in saying this little drawing tutorial is adorable and perhaps makes me want to make my own terrarium. Maybe I can manage to keep that alive? Could this be the secret to the green thumb I’ve always wanted???

3) 25 Life Hacks for Your Tiny Closet by Buzzfeed

Literally, the best organizational tips you can find. I am going to get my closet in tip top shape this year!!!! And this is going to help me! Really useful for any girls (or guys) who seem to be having their closet vomit everywhere anytime you open it. Seriously brilliant.

4) Oh, so that’s what my body is telling me…

Yup, I guess I need to get on this. I’m lacking in some areas I didn’t even know about!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Let me know what you’re finding on the internet and maybe I’ll post it next LT!



Lovely Things #4

Oh my gosh how time has flown by since I started this blog! It felt like yesterday when I last made a Lovely Things post! Yet here is Sunday night and I’m once again behind on everything!

It was a long day at work today, having to do double duty to cover a call out. I practically passed out as soon as I got home! Here’s to hoping I can sleep tonight.

1) Skull Girls by Jorge Monreal

Aside from my love of retro, I have a love for Hispanic culture. Growing up in the Southwest, surrounded by a culture so unlike my own has drawn me to the beautiful, colorful aspects of their celebrations, especially with El Dia de Los Muertos. Candy sugar skulls are so gorgeous to me, and I’ve always wanted to learn to make my own (maybe I’ll do that this year for El Dia de Los Muertos). Monreal’s paintings are stunning, combining the graceful, feminine form with the painted sugar skull designs. I think it’s a beautiful twist on this tradition.

2) Moonassi Drawings – Daehyun Kim

I wish Daehyun Kim had an artist statement on his website because I would love to know more about his work, but alas, he does not. It still doesn’t change the fact that I’m transfixed by his pieces. Click on the link to scroll through his work. It’s worth the time.

3) Give the Rebels Hell

What can I say? I’m a Star Wars fan. I named my cat Stormtrooper. Enough said.

4) An Element That’s Rare on Earth is Found Far, Far Away

Those close to me know that I can go off on a philosophical rant about my ideas around how the universe began, and how it all will end. It’s not really a rant, but something I’m incredibly interested in. Clay and I spent a couple hours in his truck one night discussing the stars and the origins of life and our hopes for what happens when we die. This article is kind of exciting because the discovery of this element gives us a time frame and connect the creation of three stars to a specialized supernova explosion. Kind of cool. Just saying. I’m a nerd.

5) Bike Planter

If I had a bike (and the necessary skill to keep plants alive), I would own this. I just think it’s super neat to have a traveling garden. AND it’s super Earth friendly. Plants + green transportation = awesome.

6) Self-Tie Polka Dot Dress from Forever 21

I love Forever 21 because it’s cheap, and because they carry a lot of retro inspired pieces. Adding this dress to my list of “wants.”


Sassy Prints






Dress: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target
Bandana: Hobby Lobby
Bow ring: Forever 21
Flower ring: handmade by me (buy HERE)
Belt: Kohl’s

Stay tuned for a quick tutorial on how to style short hair into a messy bun look with a bandana (how my hair was in the picture above).