Lovely Things #3

Wow, I never thought I’d find myself lacking so much in free time. A month ago I was so care free in regards to the upcoming exhibition, Click, that it’s so weird seeing myself, 2 weeks away from install, PANICKING that I won’t even have my pieces finished.

But alas, here I am, in the comfort of my warm bed, finding some free time to blog and catch up on this week’s Lovely Things, seeing as I missed my usual Saturday date for these types of posts! Good thing I don’t keep myself to a tight schedule! Anyways, onward with this post!

1) Eske Rex

Eske Rex created an enourmous drawing machine which creates larger than life geometric drawings. I am completely fascinated my mechanics and the ability of individuals to create something so simple, yet infinitely complex at the same time, and I think combining that with the goal of making art…well, that’s just outstanding.

2) Theo Jansen

Watch the video. I’m pretty sure I don’t need words to describe how amazing this is, and I probably don’t need to say that this week’s post focuses a little heavily on movement and engineering, but seriously! How amazing is the human mind to understand and create such movement of of such rigidity!

3) How To Kiss – LIFE 1942

Ok, so I’m gonna step off my platform of talking about how cool engineering is, and move back to my main love, retro.

When I saw this, I had to chuckle a little. It’s not some prudish thing from the 40s/50s era, stifling sexuality thorughout society, but I do love the Wrong vs Right, and honestly, I kind of would love to be kissed like a Holywood bombshell in a vintage movie.

Boys, take note of this.

4) Luscious Libations from ModCloth

So I love ModCloth a little too much, and we all know I love retro styled items, and I’ve got a weakness for a lil “libations” every now and then, so this dress just warmed my heart when I saw it. It’s super cute and super fun, and I think it would look cute on any girl who doesn’t take life too seriously.