Treasury Tuesday: I Dream of Greenie

So it’s Tuesday again and I’ve got a lovely treasury inspired by my favorite color, green! I’ve been digging green a lot lately, so this treasury happened without even planning on making it about the color. So here’s a few selections from my list of green treasures, and you can find the full treasury HERE. As always, pics link through to the actual items.

1) Vintage 50s Logan Blue and Green Floral Dress

2)Lovebirds and Green Glass Opal Necklace

3) Vintage Green Rubber Gas Mask

4)Vintage and Modern Postage Stamps – A Little Green Town


Body Art Forms (Mini) Haul

Since I began my body mod journey last year, I haven’t bought a lot of jewelry for my mods, but I HAVE spent a lot of time browsing websites and looking for what I would buy if I had money.

Body Art Forms is my favorite site so far to get all my jewelry needs. They’re easy to navigate, search and order from without looking like they’re straight outta 1995.

My first order from BAF was last month after my piercer had used too small of a ring to pierce my nose, and missed my sweet spot, putting my piercing slightly higher than desirable. Needless to say, my septum is still my favorite piercing so far and I’d only ever take it out to re-pierce it someday. Anyways, I’m off track. When I determined I needed a larger septum ring, I ordered from BAF because I felt most comfortable with the info they provided for each product, so I knew what I was getting.

My shipment came within the week and my nose ring looks great. Happy customer.

So naturally, I’m headed back to BAF for an early birthday gift to myself. I ordered these two items today, in hopes of getting them sometime at the end of next week.

These Single Flare Mint Colorfront Pyrex plugs are just what I’ve been craving. I really want a nice opalite or agate stone plug but I’m not at my goal size and not willing to invest a lot of money into something I’ll only wear for a few months, but I’m sick of my steel tunnels, so this was a happy medium. Plus, they’re single flared and safe for freshly stretched ears, so I won’t have to wait long after my 4g stretch to put them in (unlike all the double flare stone plugs)

I’m currently wearing a circular barbell in my septum and while I like how it looks, I was messing around with it and turned it all the way to one side, so that both balls were hidden in my nose, and I have to say – DANG I like how an infinity ring would look on me! So I ordered myself a Steel Segment Ring to replace the ol’ CB. I’ve been told that CBRs are a lot easier to put on for septum piercing, and just hide the ball inside your nose, but the space where the ball goes is so tiny, that 1) It will be difficult for me to get in my nose considering the awkward placement of my piercing and 2) I won’t be able to flip it up. I hide my septum for work and around my parents, and it would be too much hassle, so I thought the segment ring would be a great choice.

I’ll post pictures of my new jewelry as soon as it comes in and I can wear it!


Sneak Peak Turquoise Rings

So it’s not REAL turquoise, nor does it look like a true imitation of that lovely stone I’ve spent my life admiring whilst growing up around Native artisans, but the ring does have it’s own unique vibe.

Handmade by yours truly using synthetic beads and 18 gauge aluminum wire, these beauties will be making an appearance in the shop sometime this week. Limited quantity, fits size S/M (different sizes available upon request).

Keep checking the shop to get your hands on one of these, or should I say: get one of these on your hands?


Sailor Stripes and Combat Boots


So finally an OOTD! I’m not a total flake after all! So I’m doing some modeling for my friend Kelly today so I put on a nice pair of high waisted buttoned jeans and a striped shirt both from Forever 21. I paired them with some black combat boots which I got last year on clearance at Payless, which is funny because my work started selling a dupe of them a few months later! Ha!
My makeup I kept simple, foundation, a brown/purple smokey eye and winged liner for the pin up in me.
Jewelry wise, I’ve got my 6g tunnels and this gem of a necklace from Mod Cloth:

Oh and don’t let me forget my new nose ring! Finally got that sucker changed!
Anchors ahoy!