Outfit Ideas: Retro Flashback

So I don’t know how many of you have seen the top of this page, but I believe that somewhere in there it says something about RETRO STYLE. Yeah, I’m a retro style junkie, so obviously one of my favorite things in life is rockabilly clothing, and Modcloth is an amazing site for anyone with a flare for the past.

Here’s some outfit pairings for anyone who isn’t so familiar with the retro scene and is looking for some basics to add to their wardrobe, or maybe someone who has been around the style for awhile but needs something new.

Pencil skirts are a great intro piece, and a surefire way to get that pin up sillhouette, especially with this high waisted, pencil jumper.

Flowy skirts like these also make a great pairing for a retro inspired look.

Or maybe you’re the type of girl who prefers pants. These high waisted skinny jeans are amazing.

Tops that enhance your natural waistline are a great way to add that hourglass figure to your silhouette if you naturally lack curves (or if you want to further enhance the curves you have).

And of course, a cute tie front, collared shirt is a great match with your high waisted pants or skirts.

Now these are just a few examples of modern pieces with a hint of retro flare. Check out Modcloth’s full site for more flashback fashion, and if you have a great retro styled outfit you want to share, feel free to email pictures to lilsubmarines@gmail.com with a short description of where you got the pieces and why you love them, and maybe I’ll feature you on the blog!

Love, Mel!

Lovely Things #9

It’s another fun filled Saturday! Another glorious end to a glorious week, at least for me (and I hope all of you as well). A few highlights from the week are my new job I got hired at (oh look at me), leaving my old job, and buying my own domain name! No, it’s not for 12 Light Chasers (YET), but it is for my personal art portfolio! So I’ll give you guys my link once my site is actually up!

1) Caturday Tunic from ModCloth

If this were long enough, I would wear it as a dress…every Caturday…

2) As Long As It Photographs, It Must Be A Camera

3) The Best Birth Control In the World is for Men

“If I were going to describe the perfect contraceptive, it would go something like this: no babies, no latex, no daily pill to remember, no hormones to interfere with mood or sex drive, no negative health effects whatsoever, and 100 percent effectiveness. The funny thing is, something like that currently exists.”

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Outfit Ideas: Art Gallery Opening/Reception

I have a lot of friends ask me what to wear when I invite them to one of my gallery exhibition openings. I usually respond with “something not too formal, but so you don’t look like you’ve just left the gym.” Gallery openings are a great place to mingle in the art community and network yourself as an artist (or whatever you may be), and I think that your outfit should reflect how you want to be seen.

For my upcoming exhibition, Click, I want to wear something that makes me look dressier than my everyday style, and something that makes me stand out from the crowd. As an artist with hundreds of people flowing in and out of the gallery, you want to stand out from the everyday joes with something that says, “Hey! Look at me! I’m the artist!”

For my reception, here’s a similar look as to what I’ll be wearing:

Vibrant Button Blazer from Forever 21

Structured Silhouette Dress from Forever 21

Showered In Compliments Wedge in Sunrays from ModCloth

This is not the shoe I’m wearing at the reception but I love the golden yellow with the teal of the blazer.

Now, if you’re not an artist looking for an outfit for your big night, but you’re just attending an art show, here’s a much more casual look which is more along the lines of a night out. You won’t look overdressed, just more like you decided to stop by on an evening out on the town.

California Twirl Top from ModCloth

Classic Slim Denim Pants from Forever 21

Ponte Boyfriend Blazer from Top Shop

Serenade High Peep Toe Platforms from Top Shop

This look keeps it real simple. Classic denim jeans paired with a simple, cute, patterned top, which is mostly covered by a light, neutral blazer. Nothing too bold or flashy, but allowing a pop of color to be worn with these heels. It’s elegant, and can be worn for many different occasions.


PS: Let me know if you want more of these types of posts for specific events! It was really fun to make!


Lovely Things #3

Wow, I never thought I’d find myself lacking so much in free time. A month ago I was so care free in regards to the upcoming exhibition, Click, that it’s so weird seeing myself, 2 weeks away from install, PANICKING that I won’t even have my pieces finished.

But alas, here I am, in the comfort of my warm bed, finding some free time to blog and catch up on this week’s Lovely Things, seeing as I missed my usual Saturday date for these types of posts! Good thing I don’t keep myself to a tight schedule! Anyways, onward with this post!

1) Eske Rex

Eske Rex created an enourmous drawing machine which creates larger than life geometric drawings. I am completely fascinated my mechanics and the ability of individuals to create something so simple, yet infinitely complex at the same time, and I think combining that with the goal of making art…well, that’s just outstanding.

2) Theo Jansen

Watch the video. I’m pretty sure I don’t need words to describe how amazing this is, and I probably don’t need to say that this week’s post focuses a little heavily on movement and engineering, but seriously! How amazing is the human mind to understand and create such movement of of such rigidity!

3) How To Kiss – LIFE 1942

Ok, so I’m gonna step off my platform of talking about how cool engineering is, and move back to my main love, retro.

When I saw this, I had to chuckle a little. It’s not some prudish thing from the 40s/50s era, stifling sexuality thorughout society, but I do love the Wrong vs Right, and honestly, I kind of would love to be kissed like a Holywood bombshell in a vintage movie.

Boys, take note of this.

4) Luscious Libations from ModCloth

So I love ModCloth a little too much, and we all know I love retro styled items, and I’ve got a weakness for a lil “libations” every now and then, so this dress just warmed my heart when I saw it. It’s super cute and super fun, and I think it would look cute on any girl who doesn’t take life too seriously.


Sailor Stripes and Combat Boots


So finally an OOTD! I’m not a total flake after all! So I’m doing some modeling for my friend Kelly today so I put on a nice pair of high waisted buttoned jeans and a striped shirt both from Forever 21. I paired them with some black combat boots which I got last year on clearance at Payless, which is funny because my work started selling a dupe of them a few months later! Ha!
My makeup I kept simple, foundation, a brown/purple smokey eye and winged liner for the pin up in me.
Jewelry wise, I’ve got my 6g tunnels and this gem of a necklace from Mod Cloth:

Oh and don’t let me forget my new nose ring! Finally got that sucker changed!
Anchors ahoy!