Outfit Ideas: Retro Flashback

So I don’t know how many of you have seen the top of this page, but I believe that somewhere in there it says something about RETRO STYLE. Yeah, I’m a retro style junkie, so obviously one of my favorite things in life is rockabilly clothing, and Modcloth is an amazing site for anyone with a flare for the past.

Here’s some outfit pairings for anyone who isn’t so familiar with the retro scene and is looking for some basics to add to their wardrobe, or maybe someone who has been around the style for awhile but needs something new.

Pencil skirts are a great intro piece, and a surefire way to get that pin up sillhouette, especially with this high waisted, pencil jumper.

Flowy skirts like these also make a great pairing for a retro inspired look.

Or maybe you’re the type of girl who prefers pants. These high waisted skinny jeans are amazing.

Tops that enhance your natural waistline are a great way to add that hourglass figure to your silhouette if you naturally lack curves (or if you want to further enhance the curves you have).

And of course, a cute tie front, collared shirt is a great match with your high waisted pants or skirts.

Now these are just a few examples of modern pieces with a hint of retro flare. Check out Modcloth’s full site for more flashback fashion, and if you have a great retro styled outfit you want to share, feel free to email pictures to lilsubmarines@gmail.com with a short description of where you got the pieces and why you love them, and maybe I’ll feature you on the blog!

Love, Mel!

Outfit Ideas: At the Rock Show

I’ve said in previous posts that half of the time, I like to dress a little on the grungy side, mostly when I don’t feel a need to be girly – going to bars, concerts or hanging with my dudes. So I thought I’d share an outfit idea for those nights out where you need a lil bit of an edge beyond just being the cute girl.

If you recognize these jeans, points to you! I’ve blogged about them before and for good reason! These jeans from Forever 21 are a great style and can be worn many different ways. I’m not a huge fan of distressed jeans, but these ones tickle my fancy, and can be paired with a girly top to rough it up, or with a plain old white v neck to rock hardcore. Heels or combat boots, I love these.


Pair it with this In N Out AZ tank from Make Shift Apparell


And a sick pair of grungey combat boots. I found these over at Zappos

Add some funky accessories like this Eyeball Necklace from Glow Worm Shop


This elaborate Cross Necklace from oOCupcakeOo

This look is all about mixing and matching. The less that goes together, the cooler it looks. Just don’t add too much. Keep it simple, but pack a punch with a few bold pieces! Have fun!


Bag Envy

So my style has two sides that it flips between. There’s the super girly side: dresses, tights and heels, which I think this blog has seen more of from me than the other. The second side is a little more hardcore, a little grungier, and a lot more rock ‘n’ roll. The past few weeks I’ve been feeling that rocker side more than not which has me pulling out combat boots, men’s tees, skinny jeans and grungy satchels.

About a week and a half ago, I came across a post on Tumblr of the most amazing leather satchel I’ve ever come across. This thing is incredible. I would honestly give my left leg to have it (you already know this if you follow me on Twitter).

So this is a blog post dedicated to this bag. If anyone knows where to find it, please link me to it because I’m hunting so hard to find it.

Now I feel like this post wouldn’t be complete with just me whining about how badly I want this bag, so I thought I’d throw in an outfit idea post (slightly inspired by the Hunger Games) as well with things you could pair well with this, since it is such a uniquely different accessory.

For starters, this is not going to be a girly look. It’s going to be rough. It’s going to be dirty. And pretty much if you wore this all together, you’d be ready to kick some major booty.

So to cover your rockin’ booty, I’m styling this bag with a pair of distressed skinnies from Forever 21. In my mind, it HAS to be a pair of skinnies. Anything flared would just get in the way of all those sweet high kicks you’ll be doing.

Keepin’ the top super simple with a racerback tank also from Forever 21. We’re too cool for sleeves.

Pair that simple outfit with some sick military boots from Cathy Jean and you’ve got a pretty sweet dealio going on for ya. I actually own these boots and they’re amazing. So comfy, and great with skinnies, or even a summer dress.

Top off the look (of course this is hair!) with a simple messy side braid and you’re pretty much ready to go fight crime or travel the world on some sick adventure.

Go rock it.


Outfit Ideas: Art Gallery Opening/Reception

I have a lot of friends ask me what to wear when I invite them to one of my gallery exhibition openings. I usually respond with “something not too formal, but so you don’t look like you’ve just left the gym.” Gallery openings are a great place to mingle in the art community and network yourself as an artist (or whatever you may be), and I think that your outfit should reflect how you want to be seen.

For my upcoming exhibition, Click, I want to wear something that makes me look dressier than my everyday style, and something that makes me stand out from the crowd. As an artist with hundreds of people flowing in and out of the gallery, you want to stand out from the everyday joes with something that says, “Hey! Look at me! I’m the artist!”

For my reception, here’s a similar look as to what I’ll be wearing:

Vibrant Button Blazer from Forever 21

Structured Silhouette Dress from Forever 21

Showered In Compliments Wedge in Sunrays from ModCloth

This is not the shoe I’m wearing at the reception but I love the golden yellow with the teal of the blazer.

Now, if you’re not an artist looking for an outfit for your big night, but you’re just attending an art show, here’s a much more casual look which is more along the lines of a night out. You won’t look overdressed, just more like you decided to stop by on an evening out on the town.

California Twirl Top from ModCloth

Classic Slim Denim Pants from Forever 21

Ponte Boyfriend Blazer from Top Shop

Serenade High Peep Toe Platforms from Top Shop

This look keeps it real simple. Classic denim jeans paired with a simple, cute, patterned top, which is mostly covered by a light, neutral blazer. Nothing too bold or flashy, but allowing a pop of color to be worn with these heels. It’s elegant, and can be worn for many different occasions.


PS: Let me know if you want more of these types of posts for specific events! It was really fun to make!