Lovely Things #19

Heyyy! I’m back with another wonderful edition of my weekly (hey, cut me some slack here) internet dump. All the things I love, want, need, and feel like you should too. That’s why I’m sharing with you!

1) Chiffon Dot Skirt from Luulla

I am a firm believer that polka dots are one of those timeless patterns that we will never tire of. They are just cute and feminine and can spice up a boring outfit effortlessy. These skirts from Luulla are super adorable and when I saw that they were only $10.99? Holy guacamole! That’s amazing! I want one in every color!

2) How To Build A Terrarium by Yumi Sakagawa

No shame in saying this little drawing tutorial is adorable and perhaps makes me want to make my own terrarium. Maybe I can manage to keep that alive? Could this be the secret to the green thumb I’ve always wanted???

3) 25 Life Hacks for Your Tiny Closet by Buzzfeed

Literally, the best organizational tips you can find. I am going to get my closet in tip top shape this year!!!! And this is going to help me! Really useful for any girls (or guys) who seem to be having their closet vomit everywhere anytime you open it. Seriously brilliant.

4) Oh, so that’s what my body is telling me…

Yup, I guess I need to get on this. I’m lacking in some areas I didn’t even know about!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Let me know what you’re finding on the internet and maybe I’ll post it next LT!