Summer Essentials: Skin Care

So there are lots of fun things about summer like the clothes and the beach and bikinis and make up, but there is a foundational step that everyone should take when prepping themselves for any summer day. It’s not clothes, or makeup you should be putting on, but it’s your skin care. This post is going to be less about specific products because everyone’s bodies are different, and some need a little extra of something while some may not. So this post is just going to be those essentials you should make sure you’re stocked up on for summer.


After living in the valley of the sun for most of my life, I’ve seen my fair share (plus some more) of really bad sunburns. I’ve also come face to face with skin cancer and know that my chances of getting it in my life are greater since my dad got it pretty young. Most everyone wants that summer glow to their skin and a lot of people think that wearing some form of sunscreen is going to completely stop that change of skin tone. While it will keep you from getting as dark as you would like, SPF is my #1 summer essential for it’s health benefits, as well as preventing sunburn and skin damage. Trust me, no one looks good with even a hint of sunburnt skin. I’m still a nice shade of pink after a month since my last burn. Choosing an SPF rating or a formula is completely up to you, and while you probably don’t want to wear sunscreen everyday, especially if you’re not going outside very long, I do highly recommend investing in a face moisturizer with at least an SPF rating of 15. This will help prevent early signs of aging in your face, and possibly help fight against skin cancer since your face gets the most exposure compared to the rest of your body.


Moisturizing Lotion


A lot of people suffer from dry skin during the summer time, including myself lately, which is why I invest in a good body lotion which I use (or try to) everyday. Having moisturized skin really helps make you feel better and look better, especially in summer when you plan on showing a lot more skin. Nothing says sexy like dry crocodile skin. Just kidding. Ewww.

Pumice Stone

The same thing goes for feet when I’m talking about unwanted dry skin. Most drugstores sell some form of pumice stone/brush/file combo that you can get for super cheap which will help rid your feet of all that unwanted dry, cracked, gross foot thing that you’ve been hiding all winter. And after you finish scrubbing your feet down with whatever tool you bought, go ahead and slather them in that lotion you got, too. Extra care.


Shaving is a pain in the butt and you get razor bumps and ingrowns hairs and you have to shave almost everyday to avoid annoying stubble. IT SUCKS. Which is why I invested in an epilator a few years back. They are a little bit pricey but they completely replace the need of constantly buying new razors. It’s worth it. I have very pale skin and my hair grows in very dark, so it always looks like I have stubble even right after I’ve shaved, which is where an epilator comes in super handy for me. Not only does it cut back on how often I have to maintain my body hair, but it also gives me flawlessly smooth looking legs, arm, underarms. Where ever. Yes it can be painful, but sometimes pain is worth it. And honestly, it’s not that bad.

And my last summer essential for skin care? Water. Yes, water. 8, 8 ounce glasses per day. Drinking lots of water keeps you hydrated, lessens bloating, can even clear your skin of blemishes, and you just feel better and more energetic. If anyone ever asks me for dieting tips, I always recommend drinking a full 8 glasses of water per day before attempting to change anything else. That one step can change a lot in a short period of time, so I recommend making that change to everyone.

What are your summer skin care favorites? Anything you think I forgot?




Summer Essentials: Etsy Fashion Edition

So I’ve decided to make a series of posts, entitled “Summer Essentials,” which will include some of my favorites ranging from fashion to beauty to skin care and all sort of inbetweeners.  So to kick off the series, I’ve decided to start with my Etsy Fashion Edition. These are going to be some of my picks for the hottest summer trends this year, which will keep you looking fresh and beautiful, as well as staying out of the same Target bikini everyone else is wearing. So let’s start it off with a couple items you can’t skip past this summer (the full list is available on Etsy, just click HERE). As always, click through the images to link over to where you can buy them!

The first thing anyone thinks of when summer comes to mind is: bikini season. Every is busting their butts trying to get in shape to fit into that hot swimsuit. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the bold print trend that is currently going on and this bottom from PeaceOfParadise is killing it! In the good way of course!

If you’re not into bold prints, or maybe you just want a little something more demure, these high waisted bottoms from TheJoiofSummer are fabulous.

We’ve also picked out a few items because it’s not just about what’s on your body, you gotta rock the look from head to toe, so here’s how we would do it.

And we don’t think any look is complete without a little bit of protection. Here’s sunblock bars from Wunderbars

Head on over to Etsy, to view our full Summer Essentials list and see what other items we’ve picked out for you. Trust us, you don’t want to miss it!